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Should You Fire Your SEO Wizard?

SEO Wizard wiith crystal ball

I have a beef with people who refer to themselves as SEO Wizards and make a living out of taking advantage of busy and somewhat naive business owners. They are the charlatans of digital marketing and make the entire industry look bad.

Here’s the thing, if you are paying large monthly fees or a full-time salary for someone to keep your website at the top of Google, you may be wasting your money. Don’t get me wrong, SEO can be both valuable and complex, but its not so time consuming that you need to pay a small fortune for it. Furthermore, if the people landing on your website are not real prospects, then you don’t need them.

Years ago, I was working with a start-up doing all the normal things any marketing communications professional would do to create brand awareness and drive traffic to the company’s website. One of the founders saw a click bait video about how to get a million people to visit your website. Of course, the video didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know and wasn’t already doing. The founder asked me why he didn’t have a million people landing on his website. Insert groan here.

eye roll emoji

My answer to him was very direct and simple. I said, “You don’t even have a million prospects. You don’t need a million disinterested people landing on your website. It’s a quality game. Not a quantity game.”

I tell you all this, because I am relatively certain that if your sales have flatlined and your marketing doesn’t seem to be producing results, there are efficiencies my team can create for you that will be a game changer for your business. Maybe you need to let go of some superfluous marketing people. Maybe you just need some strategic direction. Maybe you need some other solution.

Whatever is going on, I know we can fix the problem and give you an ROI of 5-12 times the cost of our fees. How does that sound?

We are committed to focusing on strategies that drive measurable and meaningful business outcomes, so take the time to book a discovery call  to see if there is something we can do to help you.

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