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Our Process

Hiring a fractional CMO is the best way to drive growth and create efficiencies in your marketing. Our process includes a deep dive to thoroughly understand where the most impactful opportunities lie. We want you making more money as quickly as possible.

Here's our process from start to finish.

1.Understanding your business.

o Your products/services

o Your customer base

o Your differentiator

2. Analysis of current and past marketing efforts.

o Data analytics

o Marketing messages

o Lead generation activities (email, lead magnets, social campaigns, traditional media,  etc.)

3. Website overview.


o Key messages and copy

o Lead magnet effectiveness

4. Branding.

o Ensure consistency in messaging and design.

o Customer identification. Messaging and vehicles must resonate with your audience.

5. Understanding Your Team.

o Asessing the capabililties of your existing team.

o Evaluating freelancer capabilities or options

6. Execution.

o Guiding your existing team.

o Tracking data, because marketing without knowing your data just doesn't work.

o Doing whatever it takes to ethically get you the results you want.


7. Ongoing Support

o We continue to work with you until you have all the pieces in place to succeed on your own.

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