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Business Advisory Group for Fractional Executives

Watch the video below to learn more! 

Up Your Game!


Get on the wait list today and receive a free 90-day growth template and planner to elevate your business.

In this online group, you will get insights from other fractional executives, as well as advice from seasoned sales and marketing professionals showing you how to differentiate your business offering, generate quality leads, build credibility, and close more sales.

Guest Speakers: These speakers will have expertise in areas of business based on the interest of the group.

Open discussions: Being able to speak candidly about your business is critical to the success of the group. Members must sign a non-disclosure agreement upon sign-up.

Workshop Sessions: According to the needs of the group. These can include strategy, offer clarification, messaging or anything else.

Access: 24-7 access to other group members via our private Skool group. Message Renée with a question any time.

Limited Membership: Group has a maximum of 7 members.

Premium Members: One hour of private marketing or business coaching, 6,000 intent based leads and a LinkedIn messaging campaign (done for you).

How to get started: Book a Zoom meeting for more information and then get your name on the waiting list to join a group. The group will start with just a six-month commitment. Near the end of this period, you will have an option to renew based on the value you bring to the group.

Meeting details: Meetings are held via Zoom and are facilitated by Renée Cormier. Unless otherwise agreed upon, meetings will be held bi-weekly for 60-90 minutes each. Meetings will be recorded in case you have to miss one.

Facilitated by Renée Cormier,
Founder of CMO On The GO.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee:

If you decide this group isn’t right for you, you have 30 days after the first meeting to get a refund.

This Group is for You If…

You’re a Fractional Executive Seeking Specialized Insights: You want to gain unique insights from other fractional executives and seasoned sales and marketing professionals. Our group is focused on showing you how to differentiate your business, generate high-quality leads, build credibility, and close more sales effectively.

You Value Open, Secure Exchanges: You understand the importance of candid discussions for professional growth and are looking for a secure environment to share your business challenges and successes. Our required non-disclosure agreement ensures that every conversation remains within the trusted circle.

You Need Tailored Workshops: You are looking for practical, actionable advice tailored to your specific needs. Our workshop sessions are designed based on member needs, covering everything from strategy and offer clarification to messaging and more.

You Prefer Continuous Connection: You want ongoing access to a network of peers. With 24/7 access to our private WhatsApp group, advice and support from other professionals are just a message away.

You Appreciate a Small, Exclusive Community: You believe in the power of a focused, intimate group to enhance learning and networking. Our membership is capped at 7 to ensure direct and meaningful interactions.

You Seek Enhanced Benefits: For those looking for an edge, our Premium Membership includes one hour of private marketing or business coaching, 6,000 intent-based leads to target your ideal clients, and a fully managed LinkedIn messaging campaign to expand your network and influence.

You Desire Flexible Commitments: You prefer to engage with a commitment that allows you to evaluate the impact without a long-term obligation. Our six-month program starts with a free trial, allowing you to assess the value firsthand.

Elevate your executive role and amplify your business impact with us.

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